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Introduction to Zer0 PvM

We are Zer0 Tolerance. A Runescape clan based on the Player-vs-Monster scene of the game. Zer0 PvM has been around for several years already and still going strong. The clan welcomes both experienced aswell as 'beginner PvMers'. This allows our community to contain a larger variety of characters and personalities than other clans. Members of Zer0 PvM team up with each other to encounter the bosses in RuneScape with a group of friends instead of random people. In Zer0, you will have the opportunity to make new friends with the same mindset as yourself, with the same goals in the game. Many of our members have become close friends with each other and all will try to build / keep up the great community we've established throughout the years.


Zer0 PvM is therefore a community clan based on PvM, rather than just a PvM clan. Our goals are to make sure every single Zer0 member can kill bosses around RuneScape without getting crashed, to give our members a vast and wide variety of events to go to, upholding the Zer0 pride by showing people around RuneScape which clan "runs" the PvM scene. Aside of those goals, we wish to make a lot of money of course!


We strive to be the best at what we do. We are the #1 anticrash clan of RuneScape. To be able to uphold that goal, we require all of our members to stay active both ingame and on our own forums.


The staff team of Zer0 PvM has been carefully selected upon many qualities and abilities. Some examples: Friendly, Dedication, Creativity, Fairness, Assertive, Integrity and Loyalty. This means our staff team has the capacity to succesfully lead this clan and move it in the right direction. The whole team is always ready to answer your questions and will always help you with anything clan related.


We are Zer0 PvM. We run PvM.


Zer0 PvM Information:

Clan Chat: Zer0 PvM

IRC Channel: #Zer0tolerance

Help Chat: Zer0_help

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Recent Announcements and News

Domain Malfunction
We are currently experiencing some trouble with our domain Forums.Zer0-PvM.com . Therefor the forums are unavailable.
Temporarily you can access the forums using this link: http://s4.zetaboards.com/zer0/

We hope this will be solved within the next few days.
Thanks and sorry for the trouble.
22-11-2014 | New Promotional Video
Hey everyone,
We've made a new promotional video for Zer0 PvM, using a different approach. This time it does not show "Zer0 PvM is the best, join it now, we do these events etc etc" (Even though, Zer0 PvM is indeed the best :) )
This time it shows a character on his struggle to level up from 1 to 99, to finally be able to join Zer0 PvM. The long road to the ultimate goal in Runescape!

Check out the Video section and give it a like/comment! Hope you enjoy!

New Staff Members - 08-11-2014
We'd like to congratulate 3 members on becoming staff members of Zer0 PvM.
Congratulations to:

Good luck to you all and we hope to see alot from you =)
Double XP Weekend - Zer0 Competition!
Jagex gave us once again a nice weekend to get our scape on. During the weekend of the 1st of November all xp was doubled. A perfect opportunity to put in a competition for the clan!
During this weekend we've tracked the xp gains of all our members and the results were stunning! The winners per individual skill:

Overall: Night Spider 
Attack: Papi Rimmzz 
Defence: Im Dat Dan 
Strength: Kabul 
Constitution: Zilyana 
Ranged: Zilyana 
Prayer: Ostendpirate 
Magic: Mr Horor O 0 
Cooking: Mega Mindy 
Woodcutting: Drash 
Fletching: Sheeep 
Fishing: Hawk Regimen 
Firemaking: Interactive 
Crafting: Tiberium
Smithing: Iniquity 
Mining: Fruit Error 
Herblore: 44z 
Agility: Erwin 
Thieving: Maka 
Slayer: Zilyana 
Farming: I Am Knoxx 
Runecrafting: Governortrol 
Hunter: Erwin 
Construction: Iniquity 
Summoning: Night Spider 
Dungeoneering: Mr Horor O 0 
Divination: Alchemist 

A total of 1.2 billion XP was gained by Zer0 PvM in this weekend.
Well done, every single one of you!
Oktober 13 - Runefest 2014
Last weekend, on Oktober 11th, a group of zer0 pvm members have attended Runefest again. Zer0 PvM was again, as last year, well represented by giving out Zer0 PvM business cards. A topic will be made on the forums, where pictures will be placed. Members of the staff team who attended: Erwin (Owner), David (Clan Issues) and Mike (PvM Coordinator). It was once again a great edition of Runefest, we've spoken with alot of known players and we've got to talk with many Jmods. Getting our questions answered on PvM related aspects and hearing about new content for Runescape was great.
Untill next year!
Oktober - New Staff
The past few weeks we've had a large change in ranks of Zer0 PvM. 
We're very pleased to welcome an entire new PvM Coordinator Team.
Congratulations to Avril, Godliest and Sheep on getting this rank.

Also new on the staff team are Massive Noob and l Franklin l, who will fill in the roles of PvM Coordinators aswell, in the near future.

Congratulations to all!
January - Requirements and more
This month has started with some quite radical changes to the clan. The first being changes to our requirements, we have now removed PoP gear as an option to join Zer0 PvM and everyone will be required to have a Nex set or higher.

The second change is to the rank up system. Ranks are no longer applied for, you will all keep a log of your activity which will be checked regularly by staff members, this rank system will be based on points. You can gain points through the old ways of ranking up such as events and anticrashes or you can also now gain ranks when getting PvM item drops with clan mates. For more info - Click Here
November 6 - Runefest, Veteran Rank and more!
It's been around 3 years now since Zer0 PvM was founded by Menace O_o, it's incredible how far the clan has come. Even though there have been ups and downs, Zer0 PvM is still here, and it goes without saying, that is all thanks to the clan members!

Over the weekend around 10 clan members attended Runefest. I believe I speak for everyone who came with us, we had an amazing time! Clan member can click here where you can find pictures, videos and stories from our drunk nights out and Runefest itself of course ;)

Zer0 PvM are hosting a charity event this Saturday. The Well of Goodwill has given us a legal way of donating RS gold, everyone is welcome to attend this event. You can find out more on the RuneScape Official Forums!

Last but not least we have introduced a new rank today. This rank is the 'Veteran Rank', this rank is only for the clan members that have gone the extra distance, with requirements such as having to be part of Zer0 for over a year. Much more information on this here.

- Owain
October 15 - New Requirements and New Co-Leader
It's been a long time since I made a post here, sorry! Since my last post we have changed the requirements quite a bit, the new requirements can be found here. 

The main changes is that you can now join with Mage or Melee and Ranged, we have removed the outdated Bandos gear from our requirements too.

Secondly I'd like to congratulate Tekkers v2 on joining the leader team of Zer0 PvM, he has been a big part of Zer0 for 2 years now and we call all agree he deserves it. Other than this we have a new Event Team with fresh ideas, Vodalo now taking the leader role.

- Owain
July 3 - Vorago Contest
Congratulations to King L U C K and StylezDeLuxe on winning the contests for the new boss, Vorago!

King L U C K won the 'First Boss Drop' Contest with the Seismic Singularity Drop : Screenshot

The second contest was the 'Best Guide', StylezDeLuxe's guide was released very early and contained mostly all the tactics that are still used today. Clan members can see the guide by clicking here!

If you didn't compete this time, don't worry there will be contests such as this one in the future when new bosses are released.

- Owain
June 26 - Range and Magic Requirement / Vorago Boss
New bosses and new gear means changes to requirements. All styles of the combat triangle will have a level 90 weapon to go along with it within a few days therefore melee isn't as dominant anymore. We have decided to upgrade both Range and Magic requirements for new members to 99.

Next week a new boss is coming out for us to kill, link to the video : Click Here
There will be contests put up for clan members to take part in later on this week with awards for the winners! Good luck at the new boss Zer0, sadly I will be away on holidays :(

- Owain
June 12 - Summer Events
This Summer we have a lot of special events lined up for clan members. They will challenge your ability to PvM as well as your luck at various bosses! Clan members can click the below links for more information on how to sign up for these events.

These will all start on July the 15th and are only some of the cool events coming up this Summer, more will be announced soon!

- Owain
June 6 - Contest Winners!
Congratulations to Dimpa and AvatarAriane on winning the contests for the new Range dungeon!

Dimpa won the 'First Boss Drop' Contest with the Ascension Signet II : Screenshot

The second contest was the 'Best Guide', AvatarAriane's guide was very detailed. Clan members can see the guide by clicking here!

If you didn't compete this time, don't worry there will be contests such as this one in the future when new bosses are released.

- Owain
June 4 - 96 Summoning Requirement
Title says it all, all current members will be expected to work on increasing their Summoning to 96. New members will be required to have 96. This is because of changes to the tacklebox which means it is not longer usefull in PvM, read below:

Raw fish can now only be removed from a tackle box through a bank. The tackle box also has a new ability: you can teleport an amount of raw fish per day, directly from it to the bank. Finally, the tackle box now has options to deposit raw fish from it straight into the bank, and to empty raw fish into the inventory when viewing the bank interface.

Other additions that can be used for the Ranged weapon requirement:
Range Wep : Zaryte Bow OR Dual CCBS OR Royal Cbow OR Dual Ascensions

- Owain O_o
June 3 - Order of Ascension, 2 Contests
Today a new dungeon was released which contained 6 new bosses to kill! To go with this we have created 2 contests for clan members.
- First unique boss drop
- Best guide within a week of release

Click Here for more information

- Owain O_o
May 11 - Requirement Changes
The time limit to reach requirements set 3 months ago has ended, those that did not get the stats in time have been kicked and will be able to re-apply. We have now decided to increase the requirements again!
- 200 Combat and 99 Defence.
- Range Weapon : Changes to Nex mean a range weapon is most effective on the Zaros phase.
- 96 Summoning or a tacklebox (standard or higher) is now required.
- Off-hand Drygore Weapon
- Void has been removed from the requirement list.
A full, up-to-date requirement list can be found - Click Here

- Owain O_o